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Strategic Google and Youtube advertising launches new SaaS business in Fintech industry

9 million brand impressions across google search and youtube

1,800+ subscribers to newly created youtube channel

100+ new member sign-ups every week using ppc advertising

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About the client

RMDTRADER provides a trading platform for traders worldwide to access Forex, CFDs and commodities.



Mauritius and South Africa

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RMDTRADER is a fintech / SaaS company that operates in the cut-throat industry of trading platforms. Entering into a multi-billion dollar industry is daunting to say the least, as every impression is highly contested, and a premium is put on quality and trust. They’re regulated, A-book brokers with high levels of security in place, so earning trust and being seen as trust-worthy, was of utmost importance to them.

By developing a strategy and using Google and Youtube advertising, RMDTRADER have grown their membership to over 4,000 registered users during the first year, with more than 100 new registrations coming in every week.

Advertising Platforms Leveraged
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads



  1. Fintech is a competitive industry. Getting top-of-page impressions comes at a premium, so we had to develop a smart, long-term strategy with clearly articulated values and benefits
  2. Developing a brand in a competitive environment. Being a new company, RMDTRADER had no brand or reputation to leverage. We had to look at the campaign holistically to ensure that we create a brand presence while targeting potential customers and creating brand trust through consistent exposure
  3. Tracking the client experience from start to finish. Every client has unique requirements, and in this case we had to find a way to follow through the process of sign-ups to another portal in order to get accurate numbers


Establish a brand

Our first step was to assess how best to create awareness, build trust, and do so in a sustainable way. As an online platform, we decided to utilise Youtube to create a consistent public profile. This serves a dual purpose of building trust through education, but also marketing our product through targeted advertisements.

Develop sustainable campaigns

Once we had a steady following on Youtube established, our next step was to start competing for Search results on Google. Utilising custom built audiences generated from our Youtube channel, we were able to focus better on prospective clients to ensure our ads reach the correct people. We built out a series of Google search campaings, each with a unique selling point to drive people to that value add.

Be agile in our approach

As we continually research our markets and evolve as marketers, new opportunities present themselves almost every day. We believe ourselves to be very adaptable, and thanks to a very receptive client, we are always encouraged to try something new. Whether it’s a Facebook video promotion, a Twitter ad or LinkedIn ad campaign, we’re always looking for more ways to reach the ideal customer.


  • 9 Million brand impressions since the launch of our campaign across Google Search and Youtube
  • 1,800+ subscribers to our newly created Youtube Channel
  • 100+ new members signing up every week from the Google PPC advertising campaign

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We've been producing more than 40 minutes of high quality, 2D animation explainer videos, every year for the last 6 years.

Established New Fintech / Saas company as a recognized competitor with more than 9 Million brand impressions within the first year